This is a baking podcast! You want to know how to make a cheesecake AND listen to music? Here is our new podcast. Song: To zizanio i gata Tasos Ioannidis Disc: Lahana ke hahana Label: Legend Recordings Released: 2008

Spring carols


A long time ago the children in Greece used to sing the spring carols to welcome the new season (and year). Listen to the carols by the students of Vatolakos!

Cleaning vehicles

Is it easy to clean a vehicle? What if you try with a little help from your family?

Help the environment

Why is it important to help the environment? Let’s protect all animals and fish from plastic.

Sibling love


Do you have a brother or sister? Listen to our show dedicated to a beloved sister.

Things to do during lockdown

How to stay busy during lockdown, our radio show will give you some ideas of things to do.

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The librarian of Basra

“The librarian of Basra”, by Jeannette Winter, is the story of the woman who tried to save about 30.000 books from destruction during the war in Iraq. Will she make it?

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Ta melomakarona

Listen to the story and recipe of a very well known Christmas dessert.

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Christmas wishes

Christmas wishes from the Primary School of Vatolakkos

Lachana ke chachana (Cabbages and laughs)

“Chachana” is a greek word for laughing out loud. This radio show is about a music disc titled “Lachana ke chachana” (Cabbages and laughs), that we use in our classroom to learn the alphabet. Song: “Me chachana ke lachana” Music: Tasos Ioannidis Lyrics …

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The dreadful dragon

A dreadful dragon is the enemy of the children of this story. Who is going to save them? Music: He’s a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (soundtrack) 2003 Walt Disney Records

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Vatolakkos Radio – My favourite game

What’s your favourite game? How do you play? Listen to our show and learn about this fantastic wheel!

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Vatolakos School Radio

Fruitopia is an imaginary place where fruits and vegetables live in their own community, while an ingenious reporter is trying to solve the mystery of the missing greengrocer.

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Vatolakos Radio – Lego Ninjago tribute

A tribute to the Lego Ninjago story, by a 4th grade student, Primary School of Vatolakkos, Chania, Greece. Song: The Arcadian Whip Artist: The Fold Album: Lego Ninjago the Weekend Whip (The Arcadian Whip) Released: 2020 Copyright: JAM Music Company

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Listen to the children

The pupils of Vatolakkos Chania Elementary School of the 1st, 3rd and 6th grades wrote the lyrics and sang the song “Listen to the Children”. Sound recording Vangelis Kalaitzis (parent of the school). Responsible teacher Fotini Dimopoulou