I am who I am

The content of the lyrics of the song is related to the subject: “Our voice, a shield in the words of hate.” The song deals (indirectly) with phenomena that plague our society, such as hate, racism, violence and prejudice. It also refers to the feeling …

Olympic Spirit

The participation of Volos Music School in song category. The lyrics, in English, recall stories and legends about the founding of the Olympic Games and underline the power of the Olympic Spirit to unite nations, cultures and ultimately people. Lyrics- …

Our beloved Greece

Radio spot dedicated to the beauty and virtues of Greece. Texts-production: Zisis Tzifas – Cratiras Participants: Paraskevopoulou Melina, Pavlakoudi Evangelia, Pios Marios, Tsakogias Athanasios, Tsimperidis Velissarios, Chatzinikolaou Eleni.

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