The Results are defined in 3 axes:

  • the WEB RADIO PORTAL (platform)

  • the actual WEB RADIO operating 24h/365d

  • all Scientific STUDIES and all GUIDES to back up and support the above

    More specifically: Intellectual outputs

  • Intellectual outputs

    O1 – Web Radio Model: Understanding Web Radio – Requirement analysis of the web radio model

    O2-European Web Radio: Pedagogical aspects and European dimension

    O3-Web Radio Portal: Design and Implementation of the Web Radio Portal

    O4-Educational & support material: Educational & support material, Educational Scenarios

    O5-Evaluation of Web Portal & Radio: Evaluate the training of schools and actual application and usage – CPI

    Also, Dissemination Plan, Exploitation Plan, Viability Study



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No of Intellectual Output Result ORGAN. No of Documents
WebRadio Model
Activity O1/A1 – Web Radio understandings. Radio etiquette – a Booklet. An analytical Study on a current Web Radio –

Task 1. Radio and Web Radio Terms, definitions and Radio etiquette – a Booklet.

Task 2. An analytical Study on a current Web Radio – “European School Radio” (ESRadio) in Greece, a web radio case. A fthorough description and understandings (procedures, modules, processes, technologies, structures, datasets).

Activity O1/A2 – . A Definition and requirement analysis of a networked Web Radio Model for schools European-wide.
Task 1. A short but comprehensive report on the demands and prerequisites in order to set up an European-wide networked School Web Radio.Task 2. An analysis on the improvements needed for the new Web Radio compared to ESRadio. A clear description of improvements: organization, responsibilities, procedures, processes and structures, languages. Procedures involve: Registration requirements, Organization of the radio groups (preparation, training, support, recording and other, of the pupils in and outside the school), Communication with coordinators of the web radio, Recording and editing module, Scheduling audio shows in a radio programme, Live Shows, Posting and live chatting on Web Radio Portal and social media, Matching partners and cooperative work, Podcasting, explained, Collecting Statistics, such as ratings, usage and other.
Task 3. Explore potential cooperations with other projects and networked european platforms which are already used by the education and school community, such as eTwinning, Photodentro ( ) , Open Discovery Space ( and Europeana ( ) and other. (CTI) CTI 1
Pedagogical aspects -European dimension
Activity O2/A1 – Pedagogical aspects of the web radio model
Task 1 – A study of the importance of Medial Literacy and particularly of the Radio to education. The study considers the goals towards Media Literacy and the Web Radio as asked by European Union and also UNESCO, OECD and other institutions (AAU).
Task 2 – An analysis of the required skills and dexterities of students and educators to use Web Radio and Media (Consideration is taken for students with visual disabilities). (AAU )
Activity O2/A2
Task 1- A general guide on how to introduce and incorporate Media with an emphasis on the Web Radio in intra and extra curriculum activities (AAU).
Activity O2/A2
Task 2 – Report on potential collaboration with other projects and networked european platforms which are already used by the education and school community, such as eTwinning, Photodentro ( ) , Open Discovery Space ( and Europeana ( ) and other. (CTI)
Activity O2/A3 – Educational Scenarios to be applied by schools
Task 1- Deliver a guide on developing Educational Scenarios and the actual scenarios for the Web Radio to be used by schools. Consideration is taken for visual impaired students. (two deliverables)
Activity O2/A4- A study on the ethical and copyright issues associated with the use of Web Radio in education and the school community. The study will examine the legal precedents which are being set in Europe. The tasks incorporated in this output are as follows:
Task 1 – Create a guideline based on how to respect the ethical and copyright issues in the Web Radio by the school community. (ESR)
Task 2 – Task 3 – Guidelines on how to face the copyright issues with the competent bodies in the participating countries. (ESR)
Web Radio Portal
03/A1-Technical specifications &requirement analysis of Web Radio Portal CTI 1
O3/A2 Design of user management and radio program platform
Task 1. Design for the existing platform so that it becomes multilingual, supports social interaction and conforms using the technical specifications from activity O3/A1. [ESR responsible, CTI can contribute with graphics designer]
O3/A2 Design of user management and radio program platform
Task 2. User management and authentication environment design: profile editing, preferences setting, etc. Users will have different access levels. ESR will be responsible for this activity but CTI will have the general technical overview of the activity [ESR responsible, CTI technical supervision]
Task 3. Online help for the platform. [ESR, CTI, together]
03/A3Report on support and maintenance of existing high-quality audio streaming module. CTI +ESR 1
Activity O3/A4 – Design of the digital audio repository of Web Radio Portal . A digital audio repository will be developed, where users will be able to easily upload and search for past broadcasts and download locally the related audio files or share them.
Task 1. Definition of specifications and design of digital audio database [ESR responsible, CTI technical supervision]
Task 2. Implementation of digital audio database [ESR responsible, CTI technical supervision]
Activity O3/A5 – Design and Implementation of integrated e-Learning module.
This will serve as the educational and online courses and also the communication point for all users of the Web Radio Portal.
Task 1. Configure open source tools for implementing the Learning Community, online courses, synchronous and asynchronous e-learning, WIKIs, etc. [
Educational & support material
Activity O4/A1 – Educational Scenarios: The partner schools will develop specific educational scenarios in order all schools to be able to use them. For these, schools will use the scenarios developed in O2 and get help and guidance by AAU.

Task 1 – Each school depending on the school level will implement at least one(1) specific educational scenario for every year. These scenarios will become Radio Shows (live or recorded). So, the schools can prepare for senior high school a “debate” on social and human rights issues, for junior high school will develop “subject based”( geography, history, physics, I.T., language, etc), for elementary schools (and nursery) “stories and fairy tales” and ”physical or other phenomena”.

Task 2 – Educational material, on the portal is an ongoing basis for the use of all schools involved. This involves all partners.

Task 3 – Evaluation reports of the scenarios and audio products. Schools will use evaluation tools produced by O4 and evaluate the implementation of the educational scenarios and other.

The activities and educational scenarios on the project will be implemented at first on a raw basis and then evaluated and enriched the participation and exchange of ideas from the other partners. Also we aim to establish a community of practitioners in order to form a main repository of good practices constantly enriched and evaluated by the relevant bodies.

Activity O4/A2 – Educational & supporting material for the online learning community
Task1-2: Guides will be incorporated from previous packages (CPI & ESR)
Activity O4/A3 – instructional manuals – (ESR give guidance on the operation and functions of the Web Radio)
Task 1-2 Instructional manuals the Interface usage (registration, uploading files, applying for collaboration, profile, etc) and video/audio manual on the usage of various components of the Web Portal
Task 3 -4 Instructional manuals about the process of making a radio production
Activity O4/A4 – Eucational scenarios produced by partner schools become eTwinning kits.Each school will produce specific educational scenarios. Selected scenarios will become eTwinning kits.
Task 1. Select the appropriate educational scenarios and cooperate with school partners and convert at least two(2) scenarios to eTwinning kits. (CTI)
Evaluation of Web Portal & Radio
Activity O5/A1 – Evaluate training and usage of Web Radio in schools
Task 1 – Evaluate the training and adoption and use of the Educational Scenarios by the schools. The end of first year.
Task 2- Evaluate qualitative elements and the effect in intra and extra school life by introducing Web Radio in schools. Opinion of administration, educators, students, parent association, local community. During the second year.
Activity O5/A2 – Evaluate the usage of NEStOR by schools
Task 1 – Evaluate and report the introduction in the participating schools of NEStOR identifying the challenges and issues and suggest improvements to the consortium. The end of first year.
Task 2 – Give guidelines to schools on how and what to improve of the action for the second year of implementation. At the start of the second school year.
Task 3- Prepare the final report on the application of NEStOR by schools. End of second year.
Exploitation Plan
Exploitation plan

Viability Study






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