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Welcome to the web site of the Scientific Society “European School Radio, The First Student Radio”!

Our agency’s rich work is part of the wider context of media literacy and education in education, linking school with higher education and Journalism professionals.

The School Radio

The Student Radio ( is the only collective school radio station that broadcasts 24/7 online.

It hosts student productions, whether recorded or live, in the common radio program.

The program is enriched by the students’ musical preferences and is the channel of communication and interaction between them, extending the boundaries of the classroom.

The Student Radio empowers students’ voices!


Society news on trainings, workshops, festivals, competitions, activities.

From this section you can be informed about the activities to be implemented.

Activities for Schools and Teachers

The primary purpose of the members of the Scientific Society is to develop partnerships with organizations for the organization and implementation of training events and scientific workshops for teachers.

At the same time, experiential radio production workshops for students, educational programs, Student Radio Festival with a rich artistic program of activities, Radio and Music Competitions are planned every school year.

The Society also undertakes networking of young people with local communities by promoting extroversion and innovation in education, encouraging students to take active roles in radio coverage of cultural events.


The members of the Scientific Society are researching innovative teaching methods that cultivate students’ skills through their active involvement with radio production.

They study international trends in education and journalism and publish their studies in order to promote audiovisual education in schools.


You can contact us for any information about the work of the Society.

We are open to new partnerships with people who share the same vision for education.

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Department of Journalism and Media
Educational Radio and Television
Cyprus Institute of Education
Department of Informatics & Electronic Systems Engineering
Association of Editors of Macedonian – Thrace Daily Newspapers
National Library of Greece


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Στην οθόνη που θα εμφανιστεί, στον τύπο εκπομπής επιλέξτε “Έκτακτη Εκπομπή (1 ώρα)” και κατεβείτε λίγο πιο κάτω έτσι ώστε να εμφανιστεί το ημερολόγιο.

Βρείτε την ημέρα της επίσκεψης που σας δόθηκε και επιλέξετε με το ποντίκι την ημέρα και ώρα. (οι ώρες με το ανοικτό ροζ πλαίσιο)


Γράψτε το τίτλο και τη περιγραφή της εκπομπής μας στα αγγλικά (υποχρεωτικό) και στα ελληνικά (προαιρετικό αλλά προτείνεται).

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