European School Radio as an educational tool presented at the Scientific and Training Literature Seminars in Veria and Katerini

European School Radio as an educational tool and its use in literary lessons were the topics of the presentations he presented in scientific-training workshops entitled: “Philologists suggest” Hara Skoubopoulou – member of the European School Radio Science Society.
The workshops organized by the Coordinator of the 3rd PEEK Philosophy Educational Project, Ms. Vaja Angelis, were attended by the lecturers of the Prefecture of Imathias and Pieria in the first week of September 2019 in Veria and Katerini.
At the Scientific and Training Seminars, lecturers presented teaching practices, educational scenarios and teaching proposals (with or without the use of ICTs) in the high school and high school literacy courses. The purpose of the workshops was to promote creative teaching interventions, promote collaborative spirit, provide feedback and exchange teaching ideas and approaches in literary lessons.

Meeting in Veria
Specifically, in a seminar held in Veria on September 4, 2019, a teaching scenario in Modern Greek Language and Literature A ‘B’, ‘Gymnasium’ was presented in the Hall of Events of the 3rd High School: our favorite books »

Meeting in Katerini
At the meeting held on September 6, 2019 in Katerini at
Katerini’s 2nd – 5th GEL Multipurpose Room – Student Radio – European School Radio at the invitation of the Coordinator of the Imathia – Pieria Literacy Training Project to inform his students of the Pieria Prefectures and their masters – high school on the eve of the new school year. Suggestion title: From “Sopa taught us to listen to the bird” to … “Do Good European School Radio!”: Student Radio – European School Radio as an Educational Tool
It should be noted that several scholars of the two prefectures expressed interest in getting to know pupil radio more closely and to collaborate to produce radio material during the literary classes during the school year.
Intention also of the coordinator of the 3rd PEKES educational project Central Macedonia is the next time the minutes of the conference will be published.
We thank Ms. Baia Angelis for the step she gave us to present the action of European School Radio.


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