The European School Radio Competition titled: STUDENT RADIO COMPETITION AND SONG COMPETITION “MAKE IT HEARD” kicked off in the 2014-15 school year as part of the 2nd Panhellenic Film Festival activities. Since then it has been established in the field of school education and is a separate activity, co-organized with the Department of Educational Broadcasting and Digital Media of the Ministry of Education and Religions and with the Cyprus Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This is the only radio and music competition in Primary and Secondary Schools, which has received a great response from teachers and pupils of all schools and has received great recognition in the local communities with the Audience Award through the online voting process.

Each year the theme of the Competition is different and it is in line with the trends and needs in education and society in general.


2021: "From Me to Us"
2019: "Our voice shields in the words of hatred!"
2020: "We radiate danger, we embrace the Earth"
2019: "Our voice shields in the words of hatred!"
2018: "Creating for our Cultural Heritage"
2017: "The Art of Communication"
2016: "Human Rights"
2015: Multidisciplinary (School Bullying, Abuse, Internet Security, Diversity and Racism etc.)

News about the Student Song & Radio Competition