The educational program “Radio pages! The National Library on European School Radio Radio” has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it promotes Media or Information Planning or Learning by enabling students to get in touch with professional journalists in order to critically approach information coming from a variety of sources, or writers who will help them discover its secrets. writing children’s and adolescent literary texts. On the other hand, it wishes to recommend to the students the renovated National Library of Greece through access to the material of its collections and to all services it provides to students with a particular emphasis on its Lending Department. At the same time, it promotes the cultivation of radio culture as a medium of information, entertainment and education. In the experiential part, students work in teams to create original radio products through the radio production process, using cutting-edge technologies while being able to borrow paper and electronic material provided by the National Library of Greece (details of the procedure and how they are reported on the website of the organization). Finally, the overall process of the program seeks to develop 21st century skills (cognitive, social, psycho-emotional), to connect the school with the wider society, and in particular with areas of knowledge such as the National Library of Greece, while professional stimuli are given, such as the profession of journalist, sound recorder, software engineer or writer.

Cooperating agencies
1. Scientific Society “Interdisciplinary Intercultural Radio of Education
Community ”,“ European School Radio, The First Student Radio ”(E.S.R.)
2. National Library of Greece, Department of Lending

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