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1.Introduction for the student radio production

The educators together with students interested to participate in European School Radio (ESR), every starting school year, form one or more Radio Teams/groups.

Usually this radio teams comprise of a small number of students with at least one coordinating teacher who is responsible to organize and enroll the team to ESR and also accountable to the school, ESR and the society overall for the outcome of this team. In many cases, the head teacher of the school is involved or gives the approval and monitors the progress of the team. For the school radio team the outcome is a number of audio products called “radio shows”, coupled with posts, pictures, social media activities in the Web Radio Community area, such as chatting, etc.

In order to achieve this, at the beginning of the year the educators in charge gather all the “Parental/guardian participation Approval Sheets” to avoid any kind of legal implications.

In addition, the educators may:
● Implement the radio team either in the school curriculum or within extra-curriculum activities. For example, in school projects.
● Work within the school hours for the Primary school in the context of the Cultural Subjects Programme as a part of extra curriculum activities or mixed in other class time or subjects.
● Work outside the school hours for the Secondary educational level. This is accomplished within the context of special Educational Activities Programs, or even within the school hours in the context of Project’s time.
● Work in the context of e-twinning or ERASMUS+
● Take part within special activities promoted by the Ministry of Education such as thematics for the Social School
● In general, the School Radio can be utilised as a promoting tool, for every school achievement and activity.

After the formation of the Radio Teams, it is time to create the Radio Studio or audio recording place. At the same time, necessary equipment has to be provided to the school.

2.Registration for the teachers

You are a teacher from a school and you are willing to take part in European School Radio.

First of all, you have to register with your personal email address and if you do not find your school already registed through the list, then you fill the form with information about your school. Please, follow the next steps in order to complete your registration.


In the Home page ( and the option for REGISTER, you are asked to fill in the form with information about you. If your school is already registed, then it will be searchable in the list below. If not, then you have to make a registration for the school also. If so, you are directly transferred in the Step 2.

Step 2

Some of the fields for the school’s information are the exact address of the school, the official email account of the school, the principal’s name. All fields are needed to filled in, in order to move on the next step.

Step 3

In this step, you have to wait for approval from the webmaster of the portal. As soon as the administrator approves your registration, then you can follow the directions that has been automatically sent in your email account that you filled in the Step 1, in order to set a password.

Step 4

You are ready to LOGIN through the Home page of European School Radio. The username has been sent to your email in Step 3 and the password has been set by you in the same step. Enjoy your radio season!


3.Presentation for the school profile

Your school in European School Radio, has its own page.

Through your profile, you can click on “Schools” and go to your school’s page.

There is all the information you added from the registration form, the radio spot for your participation this school year, the exact location in the map, the school users who are related to this account, and all the podcast that is scheduled and broadcast on the European School Radio.

Also, there is an editable page for your school’s profile through the “Add production” page and onclick the name of your school.

4.Teacher's profile

As long as you login, you can check your personal page “Teacher’s profile”. In case of any notifications (e.g. friend request, private messages, courses, forum topics), you will find an icon on the above menu. Also, your account is connected with your school or schools in previous years and you can navigate through the podcast that you or your colleagues uploaded.

You can also edit your profile, changing your photo.

5.Radio shows

Radio Show = Recorded or live Audio Broadcast for web radio 

A radio show must have music and human speech. Recorded shows are prepared for European School Radio and are categorized in two (2) basic categories:

Non scheduled radio products:

  1. Short radio message (a radio spot up to 90sec or longer messages up to 3min)
  2. Short Thematic based show (up to 15 min)

Scheduled radio products

  1. Recorded or live radio show of one (57’) or two hours(114’)- One episode or more

A radio show is also a series of episodes. For example, ‘Games of Thrones’ is a the title of a TV Show and every week there is a new ‘episode’ of the show, in other words one show and 20 episodes of the show. The same applies to the Radio Show: you can have one radio show with many episodes or only one radio show which is/has only one episode and that’s it!.

5.1.Radio shows productions

The section for the radio shows productions includes the scheduled and non scheduled production types.

For example, a radio show production is “Radio phonic Europeans” that is programmed to have 5 episodes by the school admin or school participant (teachers). Whether or not the teachers along with the student’s radio team have completed the episode/s and uploaded, the radio show with the title “Radio phonic Europeans” will be presented in the list. There is the option to search by entering key words.


5.2.Radio shows program

This section presents a full and automatically formed collaborative calendar for the European School Radio, which includes the scheduled radio shows, live or recorded. It is available in monthly, weekly and daily view. You can click on a title and preview the information.

5.3.Radio shows repository

There is a podcast repository that includes a very important audio archive of authentic student creation, the Podcast. It can be used as teaching material in the classroom in various ways. The improvement and upgrading of this unit in the new application is required.

  • All radio productions after their transmission to the scheduled day & time in the radio program, the student radio show will be available in the podcast repository of the NEStOR web radio.
  • The search by the guest’s interface can be made with multiple and complex criteria and with text search. The search results can be presented sorted in various ways.
  • While the guest selects a particular production from the podcast repository, all the details of the production will be given as a view mode, to listen and to comment on it, to add to favorite shows and to distribute / communicate within the application and other social networks. Also, there will be a rating measurement for each audio file from the archive.
  • Each audio file from the radio productions can be evaluated in the rating system of multi-level within the application, on the points where it is most remarkable in accordance with the listeners’ opinion, so as to inform users that are willing to apply an educational scenario in the classroom using the certain audio file.

6.Add Production

In this section, teachers can schedule, upload and manage the production of their own radio school group that they belong.

  • The process of uploading the scheduled radio shows will be done directly at the radio program timetable. The teacher user from the school will directly go to the already reserved time in the program and upload the audio file through the application. In the case of live broadcast, the uploading will be allowed only on previous dates, when live broadcasts will be uploaded. There will also be an indication on the radio program about the radio shows which have already sent. It will offered the possibility of replacement of a broadcast file only before it is transmitted.
  • Special uploading page of the non-scheduled productions (short thematic radio shows, promoting radio spots, songs etc.)
  • While the process of uploading, there must be complemented predefined fields, such as the title of the radio show with a brief description, the case that the broadcast is cooperative and by which cooperation the radio show concluded, the language of broadcast, a banner – logo, additional information if there are any differences from what they were completed in the process of booking
  • The ability to manage all the productions that have been uploaded by the teacher user, with the way of selection from the list. The permitted changes will be made depending on the type and mode of production.
  • The administrator of the system will be notified automatically by special function of the web application for radio shows that have been scheduled on the radio program and the users did not sent the audio file from the production for some consecutive repetitions. Relevant notification will be sent to the teacher in charge from the account of the school- administrator of the school- with the information that the scheduled radio show that will be removed, in the case of not sending the audio files for the radio shows. The administrator of the system will be able to send precautions to the accounts of the schools in case of a radio show’s removal from the radio programme. Also, if there is a non-coherent radio show, it will be marked on the radio program with special coloring.

6.1.Schedule a radio show

The radio shows that last 30 minutes to 2 hours, both live and recorded, have to be scheduled to the radio program.

Step 1

Step 2

As soon as you select the appropriate production type, you notice the green areas that correspond to the radio show in the radio program. You are able to choose among the green options that suit your certain radio show, concidering the day and time.

Step 3

Double click on the desirable cell for scheduling your radio show.

Step 4

Fill in the form, which is divided into 4 tabs.  

Step 5

In the next tab, you have to give information about the identity of your radio show. Other schools could search for your radio show with a combination of key-words.

Step 6

It is an optional stage, where you can upload a radio spot, a poster or a video spot for the promotion of your radio show.

Step 7

Please notice that the summary has all the added information you entered in the previous steps and finalize the form.

Step 8

You can always check your radio shows, through the “Productions” menu on the left. There is an editing icon, which exists only for simple corrections on the information given.

6.2.Upload a radio show

Whether your radio product is schedulable or non schedulable you have to upload the audio file in mp3 type in order to broadcast through European School Radio.

You only have to remember that this is possible by the option ADD EPISODE in each case.

Step 1

Login and click on “Add production” in horizontal menu.

Step 2

If your radio product belongs to the non schedulable production types, which means radio messages, short thematic radio show (up to 15 minutes), entries to radio contests (songs and radio spots) and spots, you just have to Add the episode and fill in the form below with the information needed.

Non schedulable

2.a. Choose the production type and click on “Add episode”.

2.b. Fill in the form in English (necessarily) and in native language (optionally)and upload the audio file and a picture or banner.


There are two possible ways to upload your radio show, which firstly you have scheduled in radio program.

2.a. The easier way is to “Add the episode” through the calendar. Find your episode on the calendar, with the blue frame, and onclick you will be directed to the upload form.

2.b. The form below have to be submitted in English and optionally in native language too. In this form, you add the audio file (mp3 type) and your picture that represents your banner for this show.

Another possible way to upload your schedulable radio show is to select through the vertical menu the tab “Productions”.

2.a. Choose from the list which production you are willing to edit and upload one or more episodes.

2.b. Add the information for this certain radio episode, upload the audio file in mp3 type and a picture or banner for the episode. Please make sure you entered the description in English before submitting.

As soon as your submission is finished, you can directly check whether everything went well.

Through the calendar, your episode has to be in green frame (as below).


7.Community of European School Radio


This is the page that includes all members in European School Radio. Teachers, and participants in general, are available to send your friend request, to send a private message and communicate any ideas for joint radio shows among your schools. You can find partners, search the users by their name and view their activity in European School Radio.


The Groups give the opportunity to collaborate in school radio team, whether the radio shows are created from one school or not. Through the page with Groups, European School Radio’s members can publish their page (Group) to cooperate with other schools and make common radio shows. There is the option to share documents and starting new forums in the Group.

It is very simple for anyone, already logged in, to send a request in order to join the Group.


The Community is the page for the users’ social activity of European School Radio.

Through the Wall, you are able to read the posts and the news that recently have been added. You can also add your post, communicate your ideas, promote your upcoming radio show and contact in public with other listeners.


Resources include the eLearning and the Educational Scenarios.

  • The eLearning offers self paced courses that all European School Radio members are able to enroll. The courses contain material for educational purposes, such as Tutorials on Software for radio productions.

The Educational Scenarios area offers a list with Good Practices from NEStOR partners, schools that designed and applied radio shows in their lessons. All European School Radio members can pitch their ideas from the colleagues work.


Despite offering this detailed User’s  Guide, the Support on the menu includes a FAQ for frequently answered questions in European School Radio project and a forum where the Admin and the team of experienced ESR members answer your questions as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to pose your questions adding new topics.

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