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Introduction for the student radio production

The educators together with students interested to participate in European School Radio (ESR), every starting school year, form one or more Radio Teams/groups.

Usually this radio teams comprise of a small number of students with at least one coordinating teacher who is responsible to organize and enroll the team to ESR and also accountable to the school, ESR and the society overall for the outcome of this team. In many cases, the head teacher of the school is involved or gives the approval and monitors the progress of the team. For the school radio team the outcome is a number of audio products called “radio shows”, coupled with posts, pictures, social media activities in the Web Radio Community area, such as chatting, etc.

In order to achieve this, at the beginning of the year the educators in charge gather all the “Parental/guardian participation Approval Sheets” to avoid any kind of legal implications.

In addition, the educators may:
● Implement the radio team either in the school curriculum or within extra-curriculum activities. For example, in school projects.
● Work within the school hours for the Primary school in the context of the Cultural Subjects Programme as a part of extra curriculum activities or mixed in other class time or subjects.
● Work outside the school hours for the Secondary educational level. This is accomplished within the context of special Educational Activities Programs, or even within the school hours in the context of Project’s time.
● Work in the context of e-twinning or ERASMUS+
● Take part within special activities promoted by the Ministry of Education such as thematics for the Social School
● In general, the School Radio can be utilised as a promoting tool, for every school achievement and activity.

After the formation of the Radio Teams, it is time to create the Radio Studio or audio recording place. At the same time, necessary equipment has to be provided to the school.

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