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In this section, teachers can schedule, upload and manage the production of their own radio school group that they belong.

  • The process of uploading the scheduled radio shows will be done directly at the radio program timetable. The teacher user from the school will directly go to the already reserved time in the program and upload the audio file through the application. In the case of live broadcast, the uploading will be allowed only on previous dates, when live broadcasts will be uploaded. There will also be an indication on the radio program about the radio shows which have already sent. It will offered the possibility of replacement of a broadcast file only before it is transmitted.
  • Special uploading page of the non-scheduled productions (short thematic radio shows, promoting radio spots, songs etc.)
  • While the process of uploading, there must be complemented predefined fields, such as the title of the radio show with a brief description, the case that the broadcast is cooperative and by which cooperation the radio show concluded, the language of broadcast, a banner – logo, additional information if there are any differences from what they were completed in the process of booking
  • The ability to manage all the productions that have been uploaded by the teacher user, with the way of selection from the list. The permitted changes will be made depending on the type and mode of production.
  • The administrator of the system will be notified automatically by special function of the web application for radio shows that have been scheduled on the radio program and the users did not sent the audio file from the production for some consecutive repetitions. Relevant notification will be sent to the teacher in charge from the account of the school- administrator of the school- with the information that the scheduled radio show that will be removed, in the case of not sending the audio files for the radio shows. The administrator of the system will be able to send precautions to the accounts of the schools in case of a radio show’s removal from the radio programme. Also, if there is a non-coherent radio show, it will be marked on the radio program with special coloring.
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