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Radio shows

Radio Show = Recorded or live Audio Broadcast for web radio 

A radio show must have music and human speech. Recorded shows are prepared for European School Radio and are categorized in two (2) basic categories:

Non scheduled radio products:

  1. Short radio message (a radio spot up to 90sec or longer messages up to 3min)
  2. Short Thematic based show (up to 15 min)

Scheduled radio products

  1. Recorded or live radio show of one (57’) or two hours(114’)- One episode or more

A radio show is also a series of episodes. For example, ‘Games of Thrones’ is a the title of a TV Show and every week there is a new ‘episode’ of the show, in other words one show and 20 episodes of the show. The same applies to the Radio Show: you can have one radio show with many episodes or only one radio show which is/has only one episode and that’s it!.

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