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Radio shows repository

There is a podcast repository that includes a very important audio archive of authentic student creation, the Podcast. It can be used as teaching material in the classroom in various ways. The improvement and upgrading of this unit in the new application is required.

  • All radio productions after their transmission to the scheduled day & time in the radio program, the student radio show will be available in the podcast repository of the NEStOR web radio.
  • The search by the guest’s interface can be made with multiple and complex criteria and with text search. The search results can be presented sorted in various ways.
  • While the guest selects a particular production from the podcast repository, all the details of the production will be given as a view mode, to listen and to comment on it, to add to favorite shows and to distribute / communicate within the application and other social networks. Also, there will be a rating measurement for each audio file from the archive.
  • Each audio file from the radio productions can be evaluated in the rating system of multi-level within the application, on the points where it is most remarkable in accordance with the listeners’ opinion, so as to inform users that are willing to apply an educational scenario in the classroom using the certain audio file.

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