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Registration for the teachers

You are a teacher from a school and you are willing to take part in European School Radio.

First of all, you have to register with your personal email address and if you do not find your school already registed through the list, then you fill the form with information about your school. Please, follow the next steps in order to complete your registration.


In the Home page ( and the option for REGISTER, you are asked to fill in the form with information about you. If your school is already registed, then it will be searchable in the list below. If not, then you have to make a registration for the school also. If so, you are directly transferred in the Step 2.

Step 2

Some of the fields for the school’s information are the exact address of the school, the official email account of the school, the principal’s name. All fields are needed to filled in, in order to move on the next step.

Step 3

In this step, you have to wait for approval from the webmaster of the portal. As soon as the administrator approves your registration, then you can follow the directions that has been automatically sent in your email account that you filled in the Step 1, in order to set a password.

Step 4

You are ready to LOGIN through the Home page of European School Radio. The username has been sent to your email in Step 3 and the password has been set by you in the same step. Enjoy your radio season!


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