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Upload a radio show

Whether your radio product is schedulable or non schedulable you have to upload the audio file in mp3 type in order to broadcast through European School Radio.

You only have to remember that this is possible by the option ADD EPISODE in each case.

Step 1

Login and click on “Add production” in horizontal menu.

Step 2

If your radio product belongs to the non schedulable production types, which means radio messages, short thematic radio show (up to 15 minutes), entries to radio contests (songs and radio spots) and spots, you just have to Add the episode and fill in the form below with the information needed.

Non schedulable

2.a. Choose the production type and click on “Add episode”.

2.b. Fill in the form in English (necessarily) and in native language (optionally)and upload the audio file and a picture or banner.


There are two possible ways to upload your radio show, which firstly you have scheduled in radio program.

2.a. The easier way is to “Add the episode” through the calendar. Find your episode on the calendar, with the blue frame, and onclick you will be directed to the upload form.

2.b. The form below have to be submitted in English and optionally in native language too. In this form, you add the audio file (mp3 type) and your picture that represents your banner for this show.

Another possible way to upload your schedulable radio show is to select through the vertical menu the tab “Productions”.

2.a. Choose from the list which production you are willing to edit and upload one or more episodes.

2.b. Add the information for this certain radio episode, upload the audio file in mp3 type and a picture or banner for the episode. Please make sure you entered the description in English before submitting.

As soon as your submission is finished, you can directly check whether everything went well.

Through the calendar, your episode has to be in green frame (as below).


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