A very interesting radio year has come to an end and we are already making plans for the next one…

The radio program especially this year was very rich in radio shows/podcasts prepared by the schools as part of their programs, and lessons, but also within the Skills Labs Action! A total of 971 productions were created by 402 schools and broadcast on European School Radio, the First Student Radio!

You have taken us on a journey with your wonderful productions and provided us with delightful listening experiences, preserved in our station’s podcast archive…

Congratulations are due to every member of every student radio group, who together prepared their productions with effort and passion, as well as to the unsung heroes, the teachers who coordinated all this action in their schools.

Thank you to the hundreds of listeners, consistently and daily with high traffic, who tuned in online to listen to the broadcasts and actively participated in the station’s chatbox, rewarding the producers!

Thanks also to the members of the Judging Committees who listened very carefully to some of this year’s productions and related to the “Make It Heard 2022” Competition, which exceeded all participation records!

Keep up the good work! You inspire us! See you in September and…

The best is yet to come!



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