A radio year rich in experiences 2022-23 has already begun! The radio program has been renewed and we are waiting for you to schedule your school’s radio broadcasts, regular or special.


In the context of Groups, Skills Labs, and individual subjects, but more generally and through cross-curricular activities, you can develop the European School Radio program. At the same time, you can submit European School Radio as a School Activities Program, following the corresponding call. You can find additional information in the “Support” menu.


The Student Radio also functions as a tool for disseminating European programs implemented by your school, but also within the framework of action plans for the Evaluation. It enables the development of innovative proposals to highlight the work of each school unit, whether it concerns individual schools or school networks and partnerships.


For the 8th year in a row, the Student Radio Message and Song Contest “Make it Heard” gives a voice to male and female students with a common slogan! This year, “Youth for Peace” (http://contest.europeanschoolradio.eu/) is speaking and it is the first time that it is opened to other institutions and schools outside of Greece and Cyprus, in order to reach the message more powerfully and decisively to every recipient!


The Student Radio Festival, after a 3-year postponement due to the pandemic, returns and invites all radio groups to beautiful Zakynthos, on April 6-7-8, 2023! At the Festival you will have the opportunity to take part in actions and events, and get to know each other up close! As an official celebration of the radio schools, it will give the opportunity to our young men and women to show off their activity and to be awarded at the 1st Radio Awards of the European School Radio, in co-organization with the Union of Macedonian-Thrace Newspaper Editors and the country’s Universities!


At the same time, we are back with the educational program “Making radio at European School Radio – Production of a Journalistic Broadcast”, through which schools visit our radio facilities and broadcast live radio productions from the studio at the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering of the International Hellenic University, in Alexandria University.


This school year, the schools of the Social Radio 2.0 pilot program will test and benefit from the new applications prepared for you by the European School Radio Development Team, with a lot of effort and passion, pioneering once again audio applications for education!


For all the actions we are preparing a series of online updates and training events for the teachers, together with the cooperating agencies.


Tune in and… make the voice of your students heard by sending your positive energy to every point of the radio map through your school’s shows and podcasts!!!


Happy Radio Year With Inspiration!

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