“European School Radio, the First Student Radio”, responding to modern demands and to the needs of its members, is preparing for a large-scale “recharge” with changes and additions to several back & front-end positions. The most suitable persons to carry out this task are the protagonists themselves, students and teachers! Our new volunteer program is starting, one that will strengthen our work and will bring a renewal breeze through an atmosphere of collaborative creativity.


If you are a high school student, school graduate, and current university student or teacher/education executive at any level and you are interested in participating in the renewal of our lovely radio, taking action in the Community that promotes democracy, equality, freedom with respect for others through school and media literacy, while gaining experience in the most dynamic youth media for young people, fill out the form of interest below and wait to hear from us!


One of the sectors described below may be a perfect fit for your talents and interests.

  • Radio Producers

Do you feel that holding a microphone brings out your talent in presenting, doing shows, programming and interviewing, and inviting as guests other people to your show? Are you ready to present a show that will highlight musical talents (individual students and youth music bands) in schools? Do you think it is most important to create a unique relationship with your own listeners through consistent live broadcasts on the radio program? Then sign up and we’ll open the microphones for you!

  • Radio program

Do you love music and want to share Playlists with other listeners? Would you be interested in taking over the music of an entire ESR music zone? Do you have any suggestions for changes and improvements to our station’s radio music program? Sign up and help us renew and enrich our radio music!

  • Radio actions & projects

Do you want to take an active role in the actions of our station, to showcase your creativity through original participatory projects, such as cooperative thematic radio shows, or by organizing special celebratory whole day shows such as World Radio Days, and European School Radio’s Anniversary? Are you a person who takes initiative and who is able to develop his/her idea? Then you are in the right place! European School Radio gives you the floor and is eager to hear your ideas.

  • Communications

Are you an expert in Social Media and want to showcase your ability through the role of ESR Media Promoter and the station’s communication plan? Do you have smart ideas to ameliorate our promotion strategy of our actions in Social Networking Media, in mass media, but also in general? Feel free to state your intention and we are here to listen to you.

  • Graphic Designers

You are more of an artistic nature. When those around you write, you simply “draw”… You say it best through the image. Radio needs your ideas and… your creativity! Join us to bring the entire promotion to life, including smart event logos, posters, and station video promos.

  • Development & Technical Support

Do you have an inclination toward programming and want to experience the magical world of radio through apps, systems, and platforms? Do you have new ideas to improve internet radio? Do you admit that you are the Tech Freak of your group and no one feels for you? We totally feel for you! Join the Development & Technical Support Team…

  • Sound Engineers

How does a radio station work in producing shows, managing, and scheduling them? Mixers, microphones, and studios are your dream… If you are interested in this area, then this is your chance to learn by getting involved in this part.

  • Tele Directors

Do you enjoy being behind the cameras, playing the role of the director, setting up the panel of presenters, being in the control room, and doing your tricks to air the guests on each show? All these are necessary for a TV show, but are they needed on the radio? Absolutely yes! In our radio show, we have the post of the radio-television director, too! Video and audio broadcasts on our corresponding YouTube channel are now our favorite habit and you can show off your skills through this post!

  • ESR Ambassadors

You like coordinating activities for schools and you can certainly develop educational projects suitable not only for your own students but also for other students who are willing to get involved in radio production. Do you think that your knowledge and experiences can inspire other teachers and that you could organize training seminars/courses for our Scientific Society ESR in your area/country or for your specialty/discipline peers on a European scale? Join the ESR Ambassador Team, take an active role, and support new members in implementing radio in their instructional process, or coordinate collaborative school radio actions/activities either locally or with your same specialty colleagues of a broader area.

ESR Full Recharge 2023 volunteers will have the privileges of:

  • Specialized Training, regarding the position they have chosen
  • Personal technical support
  • Immediate information about every new action of the Student Radio
  • View their activity on Social Media and ESR communication channels.
  • Discount on subscription for registration as a member of the Scientific Society, European School Radio

Join now and we are looking forward to welcoming you to European School Radio and to working together.

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