Production: Promise for Peace


Lyrics – Music: Orestis Bandis, 1st Lyceum
Voices: Virginia Bouktsi, Dimitra Petridou, 1st Lyceum
Garifallia Katsimigas, music teacher, participates
Piano: Orestis Bandis
Saxophone: Kalliopi Amarantou, 2nd High School
Responsible professor: Vassilis Valavanis
Sound engineering/Mixing/Mastering: Kostas Batsilas, music teacher

Facing fire and smoke
Blackened ruins
Echo the cries of small children
Asking for my help
Facing dead bodies
Lament and sorrow
I solemnly swear
I give them my promise
That I shall not stop
Aiming at this world
To make it better
And all together
Young and old
We shall put up our fists
For Peace on Earth
Facing all the mighty and powerful
The rich tycoons
The glorious army generals
The world’s rulers
Facing all of them, I
Raise my voice in protest
Against all wars
And for history to re-write its course
So, I will not stop
Aiming at this world
To make it better
And all together
Young and old
Let’s put up our fists
Together for Peace on Earth.
When an army camp is closed…a place of education and culture is opened! We send a promise of peace from the Music School of Veria, from the site of the former army camp of Agia Varvara in Imathia, which in recent years has been transformed into a place of education and culture! The song is the exclusive creation of the 1st Grade High School student, Orestis Bandis, without teacher intervention, who performs his composition on the piano. The recording took place in the school’s music studio. The professor in charge had an animating and advisory role during the recording process.
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