Production: Mayday on World Environment Day- eTwinning task for Climate Crisis

Every 1 week/s Monday, 20:00
     05/06/2023 - 05/06/2023     


It is the radio broadcast in the context of the etwinning project entitled “Mayday on climate crisis” developed in the school year 2022-23 by the schools: Saint Peter’s Primary School in Kilkis, Pyrgos Asterousia Primary School in Crete, Constantinople Primary School in Cyprus and 11th Primary School of Acharnes in Attica. The project deals with the climate crisis and the show includes the interview the students had with Professor Mr. Ioannis Kapsomenakis, PhD in Climatology. Also featured is the audio story created by the schools about the dangers in their area due to global warming and the effects of climate change, as well as the song the schools made for this project.

Frequency: 1 week,


The final radio production for Climate Change along with the eTwinning Schools

5 June 2023 17:00

You can listen to our radio show, in which we host Prof Ioannis Kapsomenakis who explain to us about climate change. Four eTwinning schools Saint Peter’s Primary School in Kilkis, Pyrgos Asterousion Primary School in Crete, Konstantinoupoleos Primary S …