Mayday on World Environment Day- eTwinning task for Climate Crisis

It is the radio broadcast in the context of the etwinning project entitled “Mayday on climate crisis” developed in the school year 2022-23 by the schools: Saint Peter’s Primary School in Kilkis, Pyrgos Asterousia Primary School in Crete, Constantinople …

Interview with Mrs Georgia Statouli- Ephorate of Antiquities of Kilkis

Our student radio team 12/3 asked for an interview from Mrs. Georgia Stratouli, Ephorate of Antiquities of Kilkis & Doctor of Prehistoric Archaeology. Our discussion focuses on the Archeological Site of Europos which is located in our region, a few …

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Saint Christopher by KOMPINA-doros in rhythm 12/4

9th of May, the day we honour Saint Christopher. Listen to KOMPINA-doros in rhythm 12/4 to learn about him.

Getting inspired by our student logo contest

This is a radio show in which the students from the Radio Team are presenting the all-year project within the interschool logo contest “Draw your school’s logo”. The professional graphic designer, Mrs Maria Santos, that took our artifacts and created o …

Looking for peace

Three children started one day to go to all the continents, because there was no peace in their country.. Then the other friends come. To begin with, they went to Asia, stayed for three days and realized that there were all violent They left Asia and w …

A conversation among peers

Good morning my friend! Good morning… (sad) You don’t look good to me. Are you sick? No, I’m disappointed. All day long, wherever we go, wherever we stand, we hear about violence, wars, racism and many other bad things. I can’t stand it anymore! Oh, ou …

Kompina-doros in 12/4 time Podcast with Christmas stories

This is our first podcast for second school year on European School Radio. Don’ t forget to be careful because there is strong possibility to hear strange voices from goblins around your room… Would you dare to listen alone? Stay tuned to listen scar …

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International Children’s Book Day INTERVIEWING FILIO NIKOLOUDI

We dedicate our radio show to International Children’s Book Day. We present our favourite books. You also can join our conversation with the Author Ms Filio Nikoloudi.

To unknown…

Trip to an unknown destination… The sixt graders prepared from Primary School of Agios Petros this radio spot.

A trip means…

This is trip for us. The sixth grade students from Primary School of Agios Petros prepared this radio spot .

Carnival stories- Radio theatre

The twelve thirds (12/3) created three unique stories about the local customs of Carnival and Shrove Monday from the area of Paionia Kilkis. Enjoy the unique show they have prepared and dedicated to eTwinning partner schools.

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Miss Kallo and Christmas Goblins- Radio theatre

The student radio team “twelve thirds (12/3)” from Primary School of Agios Petros dedicate their favorite Christmas story “Miss Kallo and Christmas Goblins” to all ESR listeners.

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Ntenekedoupoli- Theatre on the radio

The twelve third graders “12/3” from Primary School of Agios Petros prepared a special radio production dedicated to the 17th of November 1973. Evgenia Fakinou’s book with the title “Denekedoupoli” inspired the students and acted as the protagonists fo …