Production: The Christmas Bread (Christopsomo)

Every 1 week/s mandag, 20:00
     15/02/2021 - 15/02/2021     


During this unpleasing period of lockdown, pupil radio team of Arsakeio Junior High School of Thessaloniki felt like time travelling through the diachronic stories of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the beloved Greek writer, poet, journalist and translator. Let’ s listen to one of the well loved Christmas stories (novels), THE CHRISTMAS BREAD, through the unique and unusual (uncommon) language of the writer where we can find dialogues on idiomatic expressions from Skiathos island while on the narration and description archaizing form of Greek language mixed with modern Greek language items can be found.
Stay tuned on our radio show broadcasting on Monday 15th of February at 8 pm. Tune on to our excitement!

Frequency: 1 week,


The Christmas Bread (Christopsomo)

15 februar 2021 18:00

Pupils of 2nd class of Arsakeio Junior School of Thessaloniki are reading Alexandros Papadiamantis’ Christmas Story under the title “The Christmas Bread” (To Christopsomo).