Production: Silent sounds of soul


Arsakeio Senior High School of Thessaloniki’ s participation in KANTO NAKOUSTEI 2023 radio spot contest.
-What is peace? Let us think about a person who does not have inner peace.
-So many feelings, sadness, grief, melancholy, worry, isolation, loneliness, alienation, chill, inner searching
-Have we managed to listen to the sounds of silence?
-What do you mean?
-Have we learned to listen to ourselves and other people? Have you ever heard the lyrics of THE SOUND OF SILENCE?
-Oh! My favourite song!
-I really think that the song writers were thinking of the concept of quiet, of silence and of darkness to express isolation and despair through a whole lot of metaphors.
-They say that darkness is an old friend.
-It is a dialogue with the dark
-I think it is about people who are looking for the light, they need to be heard, they are searching for it all the time
-But they discover that people do not listen, and do not really express their feelings
-Really, they are not interested in communicating with other people.
-So that leads to real conflict and conflict of the mind……
-So often we have to come to terms with the dark side of ourselves and we have to face up to it!
-We have to try in different ways to express our opinion, to bring our inner self out in the open, to make people think about our message, to motivate people and to change the world.



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