enviromental broadcast news

Planet earth is in dangerous But nor from any strangers power. Is in dangarous by humans!

Solar system

Pupils of the elementary school of Pyrgos create their radio show in order to share the results of their project for solar system

Test triplis diilisis

Greek langouage day

Worldwide celebration for the Greek language is considering as the mother of all languages.

Where is the water?

Water is the most important elements in our live. What kind of live is waitting for us when its goint to get over?

Animals is our friends

This is an advertisment spot for our show for animals

Της τρίτης τα καμώματα…

Μια εκπομπή από παιδιά της τρίτης τάξης, για όλα τα παιδιά και τους γονείς τους, τους φίλους τους και τους νονούς τους, τις γιαγιάδες, τους παππούδες, τις γάτες τους αλλά και όποιον άλλον ακούει European School Radio.

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