Production: Mrs Fonoula

Every 1 week/s Sekmadienis, 18:00
     26/04/2020 - 21/06/2020     


The new live show of the Student Radio “Mrs Fonoula”, promises you to make the weekends at home more interesting! More Creative! More enjoyable! Tune in to the European School Radio online frequency, every Saturday at 6.00 pm. with the Primary School Teacher Maria Melessanaki. To become a radio company together! Singing, painting, dancing and most of all learning in a different way! Storytelling, interviews by children with their authors, comments and drawings from all of you our listeners, on the interactive whiteboard, riddles, proverbs and whatever else we can imagine! All this with the accompaniment of our favorite music which will play in between! Radio magic has already begun to affect us!
Can you wait for the weekend to come? Neither do we!! Don’ t be late! Exactly at 6.00 we start! We are waiting for you!

Frequency: 1 week,


Mrs Fonoula on Sundays- 5th episode

School: Eurοpean Schοοl Radiο
31 gegužės 2020 15:00

Diversity is the charm of life … But only when you have learned to welcome it into your life as something great. The meadow with the white daisies was beautiful! But when the crimson poppies began to grow in it, it became Stunning … But only for th …

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Mrs Fonoula on Sundays- 4th episode

School: Eurοpean Schοοl Radiο
24 gegužės 2020 15:00

GDPR and the 40 Thieves”, visits us on the student radio, Invited with his spiritual parents Dimitris Grammenos and Anthi Strataki. A regulation of the European Union, difficult for us children to understand. But when you hear Alexander, Irene and Mano …

Books, EduPods, Fairytales

Mrs Fonoula on Sundays- 3rd episode

School: Eurοpean Schοοl Radiο
17 gegužės 2020 15:00

Mrs. Fonoula on Sunday 17/5/2020 presented a fairy tale all colors! The cat Kamelia! And “Hromatousa” the well-known good witch, who has been fighting since she was born for the supremacy of good over evil, friendship over enmity, love over hatred, the …

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Mrs Fonoula on Sundays- 2nd episode

School: Eurοpean Schοοl Radiο
3 gegužės 2020 15:00

Love was, is and will be, always what is sought … Whoever you are, whatever you are, you seek it … Even if you are a knitting blanket you want to stand out in someone’s heart and mind … “The bucket who wanted to love “by Vana Myronaki is a tender …

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Mrs Fonoula on Sundays- 1st episode

School: Eurοpean Schοοl Radiο
26 balandžio 2020 15:00

Humanity or discrimination? That is the title of the fairy tale that we narrate in the first episode of our radio show on the European School Radio The guests of “Mrs. Fonoula” on Sunday 26th May are two students of the 5th and 6th grade, Jason and And …

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