Upcoming Productions

The schooligans of 2nd GEL Aliveriou

Production type: Long range Radio Show (1 Hour)

Our first broadcast is dedicated to the history of blues.

18-01-2018, 19:00

Red thread knit

Production type: Half Hour Show

We will hear fairy tales from the children of B1 of the 4th Primary School of Kalamaria, enriched with music to be more pleasant when we hear them. The fairytales we will say will be from Greece, but also from all over the world. Good listening.

20-01-2018, 08:00
Tags: Music, Fairytales,

4th Gymnasium of Halandri 4-ever

Production type: Long range Radio Show (1 Hour)

Various subjects and songs

25-01-2018, 20:00

Artists of Thessaloniki

Production type: Long range Radio Show (1 Hour)

Here we will hear about people of culture, art, letters, music, theater and the whole spectrum of civilization. All broadcasts will be enriched with music to make them more enjoyable. You will surely enjoy us. Good listening.

27-01-2018, 16:00

The Music River Reload

Production type: Long Range Radio Show(2 Hours)

The Original Web Radio

03-02-2018, 19:00
Tags: Music,


Production type: Long range Radio Show (1 Hour)

The 2nd Gymnasium of Zakynthos travels through different subjects and music supporting and supported by E.S.R.

12-02-2018, 19:00


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