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Το 2ο Γυμνάσιο Ζακύνθου για 5η χρονιά συμμετέχει και στηρίζει το European School Radio με εκπομπές διαφόρων θεμάτων.

21-05-2019, 18:00

Musical shades on a night-time backgound

The production will be educational, cultural, informational and entertaining.Τhe broadcasts will include special celebrations on world-wide days, anniversaries or celebrities and will present workshops, actions, issues related to technical education an …

22-05-2019, 20:00

Music School of Veria feat 3o Gel Verias

Live radio show – Music School of Veria feat 3o Gel Verias Η ραδιοφωνική ομάδα “Οι Ταξιδιώτες του Μουσικού Σχολείου Βέροιας” σε συνεργασία με τη ραδιοφωνική ομάδα του 3ου ΓΕΛ Βέροιας από την “ESRατεινή Ημαθία” καλούν στον αέρα του ESR σχολεία του μαθητ …

23-05-2019, 07:00

Sport Time

We are a group of five boys, and will put you in the mood of the latest sports events. We will inform you about matches, championships and other developments in sports news.

23-05-2019, 17:00

George and Friends

In every show guest will be a friend of George. They would discuss together about topical issues, make fun, laugh a lot, and broadcast news about youth.

23-05-2019, 20:00


Every week there are many new Radio shows to discover

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